‘Echoes From Ugarit’


Echoes From Ugarit is played by American Syrian Malek Jandali. It is an arrangement of the oldest music notation in the world.

Source Jim Ross, Cinematographer  Published on Oct 1, 2010, Standard Youtube Licence,

Dated at around, 1400 BC, this small clay tablet about the size of a thumb has 30 characters from the Ugarit alphabet. National Museum, Damascus

Jandali ‘released his first album of compositions for piano and orchestra, Echoes from Ugarit, in June 2009. The album was briefly in the international music charts of the United Arab Emirates.[30] The title track is based on a hymn to Nikkal, one of the Hurrian songs inscribed on cuneiform clay tablets discovered in Ugarit, Syria, and thought to date from 1400 BC and thus to be the oldest notated music in the world

Ref: Wikipedia

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