PEACE FROM SYRIA in Arabic “Salam min Sourya”


From YouTube, Centre Culturel Syrien

The title has a double meaning: the word “salam” in Arabic means peace and is also a form of greeting. In the context of the video, it is a greeting and a message of peace and hope, carried by Syrian artists to the rest of the world.

The idea for the video was born from a discussion between members of the Syrian Cultural Center and artists residing in Syria. The artists in Syria were touched by the initiative this 3rd benefit concert and had the desire to contribute to this concert by creating an original production that was carried out in different cities and regions of Syria over a period of 30 days and mostly on a voluntary basis. We would like to acknowledge the work of filmmaker and director Simon Safieh, Orchestra Mary, the videographers, the musicians, the dancers, the painters and the production team.

This original projection pays homage to the artistic expression of Syria, as much by the beauty of the external scenes as by the melodies and the dances. Despite contrasting and landscapes showing damaged sites, one cannot ignore the timeless beauty of this country the cradle of civilization.



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