Hana speaks about her love for Fairuz

Over lunch, I interviewed Hana about Fairuz, the Lebanese singer that Syrians across the country listen to in the mornings. Hana's daughter Karla helped translate.

The Warmth and Spirit of Syrians

In September 2003, I began a teaching contract at the British Council in Damascus. Over two years, I befriended hundreds of Syrians. There was a warmth and a buzz...

“I am a Syrian refugee” social experiment

- From Rand Younes (YouTube) In response to #refugeecrisis, I step into the shoes of Syrian refugees to see what the Australian public thinks of them! The response was touching and inspiring proving...

Damascus Lives & Loves- (Damascus, Syria 2016)

From AlAhmad Films (YouTobe) 'Damascus Lives & Loves' is a short documentary about the daily life of people in the oldest inhabited city in the world during these difficult times that...

SYRIA ALways beautiful

from Syrian Tourism (YouTube)  

Beloved Syria Video Pozible Campaign

Australia has committed to resettling thousands of refugees from Syria. For some Australians, Syria is so distant it could exist in another universe, and the TV news tends to...